I Earned Over N600,000+ In 
 Less Than 30 Days in ONE Month

Online in February 2012 Alone!


Note: Names of customers have been blurred or cut out for privacy reasons. Income statements on this page are exceptional cases and are not typical. You are responsible for your own results.


The Total Online Income For February 1st - February 29th, 2012 Amounts To Over N600,000+ Only!


Income was built to over N370,000+ TWICE

Please See Bank Statements Below For Proofs



Total = N77,652




Total = N39,951 (I withdrew N70,000)



Total = N91,451




Total = N121,026




Total = N165,126




Total = N228,926




Total = N276,126




Total = N281,026



Total = N298,626 (N4,900+N7,400+N4,900+..)




Total = N320,026 (N7,400+N4,900+N4,500+..)




Total = N335,426 (N4,900+N4,900+N4,900+..)




Total = N378,726




I made some withdrawals for "enjoyment"

Total = N347,626





My online income was built to Over N370,000

the FIRST Time & I made some withdrawals


And Then It was Built to Over N530,000 below



Income is rising...





Income is increasing again to N322,851




Total = N439,951




Total = N530,831



Total 29 days Income  = N600,000+


All Income Is Made Selling ONE Simple Information e-book Via Blogging Online!


I could go on and on and on...showing you proofs...but

I would stop here for now...


So I suggest that you go back to the page from where you got to this page and DO the instruction on that page!

To YOUR Success Story!

Onome Maureen





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